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The Classy Career Girl Podcast

Welcome to The Classy Career Girl Podcast, hosted by Anna Runyan, founder and CEO of Classy Career Girl, named by Forbes as one of the top 35 most influential career sites of 2014. On this podcast, you’ll find a variety of training sessions, expert interviews, behind the scenes audios, action reports, inspiring success stories from our members, presentations I have given as well as audios that I record originally just for this podcast.

Oct 11, 2021

This episode will help you learn how to grow a side hustle from home. And how do you juggle it all when you have a day
job and you're trying to grow your side hustle as well.

You may be struggling with time management and balance and feel like there's so many things that you need to do.

When I was working my day job, I...

Oct 4, 2021

In this episode, we are going to talk about balance and I know you are going to love this conversation with my guest expert today.

Our guest expert is a busy mom with three kids and a career. And she knows what it's like to be stretched too thin. She will share with us a little bit about her career journey — where she...

Aug 17, 2021

This podcast episode is sponsored by the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

Today I’m excited to introduce our guest, Mary Beth Hart, Director, Community and Diversity Relations at Hy-Vee.  In today’s episode it’s going to be a little different. We are going to go behind the scenes of Mary Beth’s career...

Jul 26, 2021

If you are feeling burnt out, exhausted and stressed, please listen to this episode. My guest today worked as a management consultant on Wall street and pushed herself so hard that she ended up with a chronic illness for 3 years as a result. Today, you’ll meet Rachael Todd, who now helps other people who are...

Jul 19, 2021

The reason you are stuck and don’t know where or how to start
Analysis paralysis. Overwhelm. Don’t know where to start. So many options. So you do nothing because you don’t know which one to do. Following everyone else. They are doing this. They are doing this.