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The Classy Career Girl Podcast

Welcome to The Classy Career Girl Podcast, hosted by Anna Runyan, founder and CEO of Classy Career Girl, named by Forbes as one of the top 35 most influential career sites of 2014. On this podcast, you’ll find a variety of training sessions, expert interviews, behind the scenes audios, action reports, inspiring success stories from our members, presentations I have given as well as audios that I record originally just for this podcast.

Dec 21, 2016

Does business ideas spinning around in your head right now and not sure what business to start? Sometimes when I was starting everyday it seemed like I had a new idea. It’s called bright shiny object syndrome and entrepreneurs get it the worst. It means it is hard to focus and you can all of a sudden find yourself...

Dec 19, 2016

Many times entrepreneurs know that they want to have their own business but they get stuck at one point, figuring out what to sell and how to sell it! What type of product should I sell? What service should I offer? How do I narrow down all my ideas? 

Today’s podcast will help you figure it all out. As you know we are...

Dec 12, 2016

I wanted to behind the scenes today and share my business with you. I want to share with you some of the crucial business decisions I made this year that completely changed our business and life. Because to be real, a year ago I was a little scared. Things were a bit up in the air and I changed our business model.


Dec 7, 2016

I want to go over the most common mistakes for people who want to start their business and quit their day job.... I have made these too. You aren’t alone. This is really the foundation, the mindset. These are the things that might be in your way of making your dream business happen.

Check out

Dec 2, 2016

When you are growing a business, it’s easy to get distracted by bright, shiny object syndrome, right? Oh this new tool, and this new course and that new website plugin.  Yeah, that’s why you need a roadmap so you know what the most important things you should be focusing on in your business are. In today’s podcast...