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The Classy Career Girl Podcast

Welcome to The Classy Career Girl Podcast, hosted by Anna Runyan, founder and CEO of Classy Career Girl, named by Forbes as one of the top 35 most influential career sites of 2014. On this podcast, you’ll find a variety of training sessions, expert interviews, behind the scenes audios, action reports, inspiring success stories from our members, presentations I have given as well as audios that I record originally just for this podcast.

Mar 19, 2018

If you think branding is about website colors and pretty fonts, well I disagree and I have something to say about that. Today on our mini-podcast episode I am going to answer a listener's question and teach you a different way to think about developing your brand messaging. It's time to stand out from your...

Mar 15, 2018

Ever wanted to build your audience online? That's what today's episode is all about!! Today we are kicking off a Build Your Tribe Challenge in the Classy career Girl network FB group and I thought it would be fun to release a podcast all about building...

Mar 12, 2018

Has fear ever held you back? Made you afraid to take one step further? Today I am going to share my story of how I got over my fears and how you can too.

Show notes:

Mar 8, 2018

I have a special guest training for you today! I get so many questions about whether Facebook ads work and how to get started using them. Yes they work and today you get to hear from our Facebook ads specialist at Classy Career Girl. He's one of the smartest guys I know and he's also my husband. So enjoy learning the...

Mar 5, 2018

I am so excited that starting this month, we are releasing mini podcast episodes on Mondays answering your questions!! Our first question is all about what systems I use for organizing myself as a leader. So let's dive into our very first mini-podcast episode!
Question from Pauletha:
"What systems do you use for...